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I was thinking of making this into a deviation while writing it at the beginning, but it has too much stuff that is just for me so making it a deviation would be too personal, because not a lot of people had the same things happen. This ended up being a list. A really cool poem like list. I love this. Maybe I'll be adding on to this every time I really feel like it, because this is just a little bit. Can't wait til this year starts- August 29th.

And BTW- to :iconmusicphreke:

Sophomore Year

Countless hugs,
About 5 piggy back rides,
too many jokes, being too loud,
passing notes in French,
Falling asleep in Honors Algebra II,
Running to the trailers through the rain,
getting carried through the school in Chris' arms,
sneaking out of gym,
making teachers give us dirty looks,
stupid fights next to the snack machines,
new crushes at every single party,
making Curtis burn me a CD
(which I still listen to everyday),
blushing when the new guy was around,
then saying the dumbest things,
eating nasty cafeteria food,
running into walls while rollerskating,
walking too many times by the hot drop out guys at the bowling alley,
the W.O. list,
falling on ice while trying to catch the bus,
blowing the LL COOL J 'peace kiss',
silly nicknames- honeybuns, Barbie, Pinky, and so many more,
Singing "Holla Back Girl" in Warrenton Lakes,
Boyfriend stealing
(told you I can be a bitch),
Getting hit in the face with a basketball,
making too many excuses,
telling too many lies,
not really finishing Frankenstein for English class,
but everything turned out just right.

But wait- there's more.
Bad 1st impressions,
Thinking of going blonde,
Acting like I already am,
allnighters, too much popcorn,
'double double this this,
double double that that,
double this,
double that,
double double this that",
tears here and there,
but it was all worth it in the end.

Now I'm missing the times,
but I'm sure there'll be more,
This time around it'll be different
(even though I don't have too much new clothes),
Me and Stazia will still be singing "Dontcha" while walking down the halls.

On the brink of innocence
and the rest of our lives.
We're closing in.


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dkem Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010
hello there long time no speak hope all has been well
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hey you how have you been?
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