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MiSsYsSiM iD by missyssim MiSsYsSiM iD :iconmissyssim:missyssim 0 4
When Opposites Attract.
and who needs you?
Your touchable face,
Yet untouchable heart.
A demon inside lurking for lust.
That's all that you need,
No strings attached.
But still I strive for your hazardous touch,
still wonder what determines your prey at night.
I wish you would deviate from your sinful act.
but who needs me?
So use to heart breaks
with tears and running make-up.
So innocent,
yet lenient for somebody not worthy.
All these feelings,
yet from you no mercy:
I'm still tortured.
Waiting, wishing,
decieving myself by saying
Maybe we'll get it right...
Opposites attract.
:iconmissyssim:missyssim 1 8
If only.
Hello you,
Your crystal clear green eyes,
Dirty blonde hair,
Maybe I'm in love,
But I'm guessing it's just lust.
You hear that song?
That's the song I listened to when my heart was broken.
Who broke it?
You did.
You see that seat?
That's where we met. Sophomore year. I can still remember it.
What did I think of you when I first saw you?
What do I think of you now?
I can't stand you.
Because you started to mean too much to me.
The silly look on your face,
Your unforgettable eyes.
I love how free you are.
I want to be like that.
With you.
So make me feel alive.
You know what I look forward to during my day?
Your hugs.
You know what I can't stand?
Your hugs.
Because I want them to be so much more than they are.
I want to hold on forever when I'm in your arms.
And if only you knew...
How much I cried when I didn't give you a Valentine,
how I felt when I found out about all of the other girls...
But I
:iconmissyssim:missyssim 1 7
PinkScreensh0t by missyssim PinkScreensh0t :iconmissyssim:missyssim 0 4
Lets run away tonight.
Hold my hand, hang on tight,
'cause everything's changing,
but I don't want to let go,
Since you had me at first glance,
                               first sight,
                                first love.
So come over here
and we'll have the rest of our lives,
                           or at least night,
to stay the same,
not grow apart.
Lets go back to the spot where we first met,
when you gave me butterflies in my stomich,
and chills down my back.
Lets traspass tonight,
no one has to know.
It's just an hour and a h
:iconmissyssim:missyssim 0 12
You change.
You change relationships.
Espacially ours.
What am I?
Just a friend?
I'm not sure tonight.
Tonight looks like mixed messages night.
You drive me insane.
Soon you will cause a crash.
Another heart calliding catastrophe.
And it's all your fault.
Tonight, your reputation of the responsible driver is ruined.
Just like that,
the second your lips planted a kiss on my neck.
:iconmissyssim:missyssim 2 13
Love Medicine
Doctor help me.
Here's the problem.
Every night I cannot sleep
and when I do it's very late,
Monday- midnight,
Tuesday- 1,
Wednsday- 2,
Thursday- 3.
Could this be insomnia?
Doctor help me.
Here's the problem.
I can't concentrate at work.
All my thoughts are about a boy.
What is wrong with me?
Could this be ADD?
Doctor help me,
You've heard the problems.
Isn't there a medicine
That will help me stop from acting this insane?
And what the doctor did was flash a smile
while he wrote his diagnosis.
As he handed me the paper,
he said, "welcome to the world of true love."
As I read the paper,
I could not believe it:
This was an uncurable sickness.
*two weeks later*
Doctor, help me!
Here's the problem.
I can't stop myself from crying.
All this pain is in my heart.
What's the problem, doc?
As he looked at me he frowned,
wrote his diagnosis.
As he handed me the paper,
He said, "welcome to the world of true love."
As I read the paper,
I could very much believe it:
"Patient's heart is broken...
:iconmissyssim:missyssim 1 19
Mature content
Color Me Happy... :iconmissyssim:missyssim 0 21
DevID MissYssiM 'this girl' by missyssim DevID MissYssiM 'this girl' :iconmissyssim:missyssim 0 28
Why my heart cried last night.
A couple of years ago,
I'd treat heartbreaks as minor injuries,
Finding a band-aid that would stick came as an easy task.
However, things have started getting serious.
There is no band-aid large enough,
To stop from bleeding...
My precious heart.
So I took a needle to sew it up,
With the needle came threads-
Colours of pink, looking red from afar.
As I stitched, more pieces broke off.
I watched them fall,
Shed a tear or two,
As they hit the floor.
Finally I decided that I needed someone alse's help,
So I carefully gave it to a good friend of mine.
He examined it,
said he'd care for it a while,
I'd just have to wait.
So I did as he said,
sitting there, emotionless,
every night I'd pray.
A few days passed, a few months.
Finally he returned with a box that held my heart.
He wasn't smiling.
He was weeping,
I opened up the box,
I could not stop myself from screaming.
The cuts on my heart were even deeper,
Deeper then ever.
My "friend" was such a sinner...
As he realized what he's done,
he f
:iconmissyssim:missyssim 3 18
I wore my heart on my sleeve..
As I was about to walk into my classroom, he grabbed my arm. He took my hand. My cold hand that was wrapped in the sleeve of my sweater. He put it inbetween his hands as he whispered, "Please... don't hate me."
A tear came down my face... Two... Three. "I can't hate you...", I whispered back.
"Don't try to hate me than," he said while wiping a tear off of my face.
"Why..." I tried to finish what I was trying to say, yet he stopped me.
"I'm sorry- I hate myself for this already." I thought of a couple of nights ago and what he had mentioned about hurting himself. More tears came.
"I'm sorry." He whispered as he took my hand out of his and in a second brushed it across his lips.
This was the time I wanted to tell him how much he meant to me, yet I couldn't. He looked into my eyes one last time, gave me a hug, and started walking away. Although my tears were warm, my heart started freezing, because of the coldness of his. As I watched my first love walking away, it started snowin
:iconmissyssim:missyssim 1 11
A Goodbye like that
Letting go.
Say goodbye
to the feelings of yesterday.
Nothing will be the same again.
Isn't it hard to walk away just like that?
Leaving just a scar on your lover's heart.
Nothing but a memory of good times,
Which is bound to start fading as soon as your ways part.
What about the pain
That'll hit every inch of their body and their beautiful soul?
Do you even care, at all?
Will you miss them?
Will you ever cry yourself to sleep
Just when thinking about the day you let them get away?
Now that you've seen how bad of a crime
You've commited towards your heart,
You try to take everything back to the time long before you said the goodbye.
You now send flowers,
But they no longer mean as much as they did that Valentine Day's night.
You call about a dozen times,
Only to find your calls never replied.
Now that you love them,
they don't love you back.
One day you get a note saying this:
"I loved you, I really did.
You can't imagine how much pain I felt
When yo
:iconmissyssim:missyssim 0 11
Horizon by missyssim Horizon :iconmissyssim:missyssim 0 15 Perfect Time of Day by missyssim Perfect Time of Day :iconmissyssim:missyssim 4 16 Viva Glam by missyssim Viva Glam :iconmissyssim:missyssim 1 17 Over t a k i n g by missyssim Over t a k i n g :iconmissyssim:missyssim 9 56

Random Favourites

I remember times when everything was great
and everyone was easy going
I remember snowball fights
sled rides
the carnival
but most of all
the one thing I could never forget
was you
you were amazing
a person to be looked up to
I remember your sense of humor
your personality
your shining smile
what happened to all that?
where did you go?
you stand there in front of me
and yet you dont
we used to spend time  together
now I never see you
you know nothing about me
and forget everything you do
we have nothing in common
not that I know of at least
and yet
I want to know everything
I want to know you
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 1 0
- Holding Onto Innocence - by ToxicStars - Holding Onto Innocence - :icontoxicstars:ToxicStars 2 18
a famous person once said
"I am what I am, and that's what I am"
and so I quote this person
to tell you about myself
I can be punk with a sunny smile
I can be preppy with baggy clothes
I can be goth with a bright personality
I can be a jock with intelligence
I can be nerdy with street smarts
I can be a hick with proper English
why post a name
why be a category
stereotypes screw up the world
but what if the world screws up stereotypes
cant we all just be human?
:icondementedkitty07:dementedkitty07 1 1
My Snow Angel 2
my snow angel
i'll hold her close
and we'll lay together
and watch the night
the stars will twirl
and her eyes will twinkle
kiss her cheek and she'll smile
i'll smile and watch her eyes
wipe that tear of joy
that crystle of love
on her soft snow skin
a flake falls from the trees
glides to her face
i'll smile
and brush her
and run my finger
from her face
through her hair
pull her close
hold her tight
rub our noses and giggle
our cheeks will meet
and we'll look in our eyes
oh so bright
my dear snow angel
show your beauty
through out nature
worked your magic
lay back
and watch the snow in the sky
:iconrocknmetalonly:rocknmetalonly 4 13
Get Out
Wistful daydreams
yearning for a change
I'll take any chance I can get
   a neurotic tendency
  a nieve curiosity
that cannot be suppressed
So many doors
so few have been opened
Time is not waiting for stragglers
I run across the tiled floor and push open a big brown door
An alice finding her wonderland
finally feeling freee
of binding walls
and contricting visions
a diabolical paradise
that would frighten off vistors
yet keep its inhabitants satisfied
It's all so new
and thrilling
a light relief to the torments of the world
... But sometimes
my breath gets short here
my limbs weak
my mind dead
and I can't take it anymore
Alice wants to leave!
click your magic shoes Alice!
Find the key out of here Alice!
and I run to the door, pounding for help
searching for a key
but the key is gone
and the other curious searchers
have long given up
leaving you no option
but to survive locked
in the prision
in which you threw away the key.
:iconnirvanadancer:nirvanadancer 1 9
You can ask me...
you ask me what love is
and i'm going to tell you
it's when we first met
and i couldn't look out of your eyes
when we were hanging out
and our hands met
and i felt your soft skin
it's the endless heartbeats
when i first asked you out
it's the smiles we gave
sharing our first milkshake
the nightless phonecalls
telling our best times
it's the danger of sneaking out
just to spend a kiss with you
it's to have grown up
and have bought you a ring
you ask me what love is
and i'll tell you
love is the life i spend with you
:iconrocknmetalonly:rocknmetalonly 1 3
calm before.. by hardcorerelief calm before.. :iconhardcorerelief:hardcorerelief 2 12
In the mirror made of coal
In the mirror made of coal,
A dreary life played out,
And we watched the hearts,
As they tore into our,
Confetti of valentines day.
On our couch we enjoyed the pain thought not our own.
In a mirror made of coal,
We saw ourselves that day,
In a new light,
And we laughed,
Oh we laughed.
:iconbeea20:beea20 2 20
Celestia by ladyrapid Celestia :iconladyrapid:ladyrapid 1,203 441
Surprise Me
A little bit of something,
Seems to be missing in my life.
There's still that push from behind
Telling me to get it right.
I've been waiting around for nothing,
And yes, that nothing is you.
You are the one I've been hoping for,
Wishing that I could have you,
To take care of,
Not because I need you.
But because I love you.
My love isn't built on some feeling,
That I would get from your kiss,
From your hand holding mine,
From any kind of physical bliss.
No, it's love from something stronger,
A sense of trust, unbreakable friendship.
I love you for who you are...
Not what you can do for me temporarily.
Nowadays people mistake love so easily,
For lust, a sensation driven-
By your mind's aching desires.
But I'm not blinded so easily.
I talk as if I know it all...
But I don't.
The only thing I do know for sure,
Is my address, name, and who I love.
And that's you again.
You're the answer to a lot of things,
Who I go to for comfort,
Who I think of more than most,
Why I smile out of the blue,
:icondarkillusi0ns:darkillusi0ns 3 13
wish you were invisible, but that pain that you have is.
no one can see it. they dont know its there.
you once said hello. and then you said good bye. i thought
you were gone.
that mixtape you gave me... its old, i play it everyday.
even all the sad songs aint so sad.
you gave me the best love, the best mixtape ive ever
your probably not thinking about me now, but thats ok.
im just remembering, all the times that we had.
and things dont look so bad, when i think about
how i used to hold your hand.
  wish i was not so lonely all the time, when a smile crosses
my face, how much would you want to know of it is fake?
i hear you talk about me sometimes, but what you say
i dont know.
did you know, i was making you a mixtape too?
i almost had it finished when you left. and i didnt think you
would understand, when all i could say, was, 'the mixtape'.
wish you were invisible, but that pain that you have is.
dont think that i can hold all these things inside anymore.
but when i se
:iconcatch-a-falling-star:catch-a-falling-star 3 6
Sacramento's Angel by LaVitaEBella Sacramento's Angel :iconlavitaebella:LaVitaEBella 2 9 Follow The Light by LaVitaEBella Follow The Light :iconlavitaebella:LaVitaEBella 2 7 From the E-State by friscorain From the E-State :iconfriscorain:friscorain 666 204 The Sum of all Tears by CoolKSJ The Sum of all Tears :iconcoolksj:CoolKSJ 2 21 .:Remember Me:. by Scazza .:Remember Me:. :iconscazza:Scazza 23 20



United States
Favourite genre of music: All
Operating System: Windows 2000
Skin of choice: My own, thank you very much.... lol
I was thinking of making this into a deviation while writing it at the beginning, but it has too much stuff that is just for me so making it a deviation would be too personal, because not a lot of people had the same things happen. This ended up being a list. A really cool poem like list. I love this. Maybe I'll be adding on to this every time I really feel like it, because this is just a little bit. Can't wait til this year starts- August 29th.

And BTW- to :iconmusicphreke:

Sophomore Year

Countless hugs,
About 5 piggy back rides,
too many jokes, being too loud,
passing notes in French,
Falling asleep in Honors Algebra II,
Running to the trailers through the rain,
getting carried through the school in Chris' arms,
sneaking out of gym,
making teachers give us dirty looks,
stupid fights next to the snack machines,
new crushes at every single party,
making Curtis burn me a CD
(which I still listen to everyday),
blushing when the new guy was around,
then saying the dumbest things,
eating nasty cafeteria food,
running into walls while rollerskating,
walking too many times by the hot drop out guys at the bowling alley,
the W.O. list,
falling on ice while trying to catch the bus,
blowing the LL COOL J 'peace kiss',
silly nicknames- honeybuns, Barbie, Pinky, and so many more,
Singing "Holla Back Girl" in Warrenton Lakes,
Boyfriend stealing
(told you I can be a bitch),
Getting hit in the face with a basketball,
making too many excuses,
telling too many lies,
not really finishing Frankenstein for English class,
but everything turned out just right.

But wait- there's more.
Bad 1st impressions,
Thinking of going blonde,
Acting like I already am,
allnighters, too much popcorn,
'double double this this,
double double that that,
double this,
double that,
double double this that",
tears here and there,
but it was all worth it in the end.

Now I'm missing the times,
but I'm sure there'll be more,
This time around it'll be different
(even though I don't have too much new clothes),
Me and Stazia will still be singing "Dontcha" while walking down the halls.

On the brink of innocence
and the rest of our lives.
We're closing in.



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